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Let me tell you why we started Dentity and the problem we’re trying to solve.

I’ve been in the auto industry for 20+ years, mostly solving issues of trust as it relates to the product side of the business. How do you know you’re buying a good car, and what dealer will give me the best deal and the best service?

When a consumer is buying a used car from a dealer, rarely do they have to question the existence and viability of the business they are buying from — likely, the dealer has been a reputable member of the community for some time.

Solving Trust Issues in the Peer-to-Peer Market

This is not the case in the private party peer-to-peer market. In this market, the first-order issue of trust that must be solved is that between buyer and seller, well before you get into a discussion about the condition of the vehicle or the particulars of the transaction.

Am I buying from a real person or is this some online scammer trying to get me to part with my hard-earned money?

Is the buyer real, or are you an online fraudster, or worse yet, are you catfishing me and am I going to end up stuffed in the back of my trunk? Horrible thoughts, I know, but in today’s world, online safety is a real concern.

A Universal Verified Identity Platform

It’s clear that this problem extends far beyond the automotive industry and is an issue on many peer-to-peer platforms. Identity verification is typically the province of businesses who are trying to gate access management, account creation, or ecommerce transactions with an identity layer.

Identity verification is not distributed among the P2P Internet, and because of this, there is no easy way for users — across the multitude of websites they interact with each other on — to prove their identity and request that others they interact with in a situation which requires counter-party trust to do the same.

Having a Facebook account, a Gmail account, or a Twitter handle is NOT a statement that you’re a real person. In fact, none of these companies do any identity verification, nor do companies like Tinder, CraigsList, or OfferUp. In fact, now more than ever before we see scammers and actors with bad intentions specifically building a social media presence to lend credibility to their fake identity.

Verified Everywhere

Enter Dentity. We’re trying to solve this issue in a way that makes it easy for anyone to prove their identity, share it, and request others they deal with to do the same.

Through our process, users can easily prove your identity on social media, dating sites, and marketplaces. It’s a universal trust system that works across all websites, and it’s a way for brands to give their REAL customers (not bots, spammers, or scammers) preferences and access to benefits.

About Dentity

Dentity allows you to create and share a verified identity profile, and request verified information from others . It’s a universal trust system for all your online activity.

We look forward to sharing the ride with you! Sign up for Dentity today!

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