ID Verification 101

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Identity verification is the process of verifying personal information securely online.


Identity verification aims to protect user privacy by allowing individuals to prove their identity and personal information, such as:
-First name
-Last name
-And more

Dentity uses machine vision and liveness detection for identity verification and provides a cloud wallet for securely storing personal information. It emphasizes privacy, security, and the use of digitally signed credentials as a new standard for online verification​.


Step 1: Enter basic information

The first step is to enter a few pieces of basic information about yourself. This information is used to validate your identity and is not shared with anyone.

Step 2: Take a photo of a government-issued ID document

Next, you'll be asked to scan a photo of the front and back of a government-issued ID document. These images are never saved and are only used to verify your identity. You'll be allowed to choose between a:

-Drivers license
-ID card
-Residency permit
-Temporary visa permit

Step 3: Take a selfie

Lastly, you'll need to take a selfie. This selfie is only used to compare your live presence to the image on your document. These images are never saved and are only used to verify your identity.

Then you're done!

You can now set up a Verified Profile, and start requesting verifications from others to build trust online on platforms like dating apps, marketplaces, and when interacting with individuals.


The benefits of using Dentity

-Increase your personal safety while using the internet

-Protect your personal information with a new level of privacy and security

-Store your personal information in one secure place rather than in dozens of websites

-Request verifications from others you interact or transact with online

-Showcase verified information about yourself on your Verified Profile

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