Open standards, reusable identity

Dentity is built on open identity standards, which allows your
stakeholders to reuse their identity credentials anywhere online,
improving convenience and conversions across your channels.

Issue and verify digital credentials

Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are the open standard to express credentials on the web. They are cryptographically
secure, privacy respecting, machine-verifiable, and interoperable across systems.


The Dentity network

Dentity provides a full-service ecosystem for businesses to issue and originate identity credentials, for consumers
to hold those credentials in an interoperable wallet, and for verifiers to rely on them. Participants benefit from a
network effect which leverages the power of millions of verified identity credentials on the Dentity Network.

Visual ID and data verifications

Dentity offers a seamless and secure suite of verification services,
document-based visual ID verification, 10K-plus different account
verifications, and access to a range of authoritative data sources.


Trusted by large enterprises

Dentity is proven with consumers (including Facebook Marketplace)
and large national organizations (including National Notary
Association) so you can be sure your users will feel comfortable with
the safety and security of verifying their information.

Easy integrations

Start issuing credentials, and verifying age and identity immediately with a variety of integration methods.


Digital Identity Attribute Levels

Dentity’s patent-pending DIAL system (Digital Identity Attribute Levels) categorizes digital identity in a way that allows enterprises to easily reuse consumer-held identities. DIAL lowers KYC costs for identity originators and relying parties and improves customer experience and onboarding conversion.