Exploring the Risks: Insights from the 2023 State of Internet Scams Study

Apr 29, 2024by

The 2023 State of Internet Scams Study presents a critical analysis of online fraud, exposing the latest trends and threats in cyberspace. This study is meant to highlight tactics people use to scam consumers and provide actionable intelligence to confront internet scams.

Overview of the 2023 Internet Scams Study

Internet Scams Escalation

The study reports a worrisome increase in online scams, emphasizing the urgency for more robust digital security and proactive behavior. It documents a diversification of scams ranging from identity theft to advanced phishing, posing heightened risks to individuals and corporations alike.

Major Trends in Scams

Social engineering and complex, multi-stage attacks are alarmingly on the rise. Scammers also leverage "deepfakes" and mobile platforms to trick users, demanding evolving awareness and defenses to match these sophisticated strategies.

Scams by Sector

Significant sector-specific scam increases have hit financial services, healthcare, retail, technology, and real estate. Customized education initiatives are vital for safeguarding these critical industries and their customers.

Impact of Internet Scams

Personal and Business Repercussions

Victims suffer financial and emotional distress; businesses face direct losses and reputational damage. The study stresses the importance of education and robust cyber defenses to mitigate the escalating threat.

Economic Implications

Globally, scams significantly drain economies, impacting consumer confidence and international commerce, with a call for a collaborative international approach to bolster digital security.

Solutions and Commitment

Pioneering Scam Defense Solutions

Leverage advanced technology, like machine learning and predictive analytics, backed by educational programs to pre-empt scams. Future alliances with key institutions aim to strengthen collective defenses.

Advancing Digital Identity and Security

Developing strong authentication technology, including biometric checks and multi-factor authentication, while enhancing digital literacy to protect online identities.

A Safer Internet Promise

Dentity is on a mission to make the internet a safer place and gives consumers access to enterprise-level ID technology.  Consumers continue to use Dentity to prevent scams while they date, transact or invite people to their home, giving them full transparency that the person they are interacting with is not going to scam them.

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