Your Dentity Wallet

It’s like a regular wallet, only way cooler.  You can put thousands of things in it, and it can’t be lost or stolen.  It’s your friend with benefits!


Your Dentity Wallet is where you securely store your identity information.  This information goes well beyond the basic identifiers that we’ve come to associate with our “identity” and includes all the things that comprise who you are, like your associations, interests, and achievements.  These are stored as “credentials” in your wallet — they are encrypted, secure, and can be shared in a way that protects your privacy. 


We use credentials every day in the physical world.  We have a driver’s license that proves we can drive a car, a passport that confirms our identity, a college degree that proves we completed a course of education, and a medical insurance card that proves we have specific health care coverage.


As more of our lives move online, translating physical credentials into the digital world is essential.  Thankfully, a new standard has been developed called Verifiable Credentials which allow us to translate these physical credentials to the digital world.


Your Dentity wallet helps you unlock the superpowers of these credentials:


  • You can store an unlimited number of credentials in your Wallet, and it offers you a new level of privacy and security for your personal information.


  • You can discover new credentials in your Wallet, offered by thousands of companies or organizations.


  • You can keep track of where you’ve shared your information, and revoke access to that information at any time. It’s one central location that will help you not “overshare” your information online.


  • You can selectively share information in your Dentity Wallet, which means you won’t have more of your personal information in more places (e.g., if a company needs to know you are 21 years of age, they don’t need to know your date of birth).


Most importantly, your Dentity Wallet is where YOU own your identity and can make it an asset.