Verifying Age & Identity

Dentity’s Age & Identity tool is a compliant and easy way to verify the age or identity of your customers using the Dentity Verified Identity Credential. With several integration methods and comprehensive reporting, Dentity’s Age & Identity verification can be used immediately on your website or in an offline storefront. Learn more about Verifiable Credentials.
The Age & Identity tool includes: 
• Unlimited Verifications
• Reporting Dashboard
• Customized Pop-up
• Age & Identity configurations
According to the April 2021 Buyer’s Guide for Identity Proofing from Gartner, “By 2023, 85% of organizations will be using document-centric identity proofing…data-centric methods offer no assurance that the person who can legitimately claim the identity is genuinely present in the online interaction.”
At Dentity, we use document-centric identity proofing to verify the age and identity of your customers, and issue this Verified Identity as a Credential in their Dentity Wallet.  Our solution is compliant with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Department of Commerce) 800-63-3 Digital Identity Guidelines.  We leverage advanced cryptography and blockchain technologies to ensure privacy, security, and scalability. 

Integration Methods

API and Webhook

Dentity has built an open API for businesses to verify age and identity.  Using the Dentity API will give businesses a full range of capabilities, with a customized message, CTA, and account secret to ensure that you can gate web pages with an age or identity check.  All the results are tracked back to the company’s dashboard.


The HTML pop-up is one line of code with a customizable CTA that can be placed on any web page.  Clicking the CTA will trigger a pop-up where the customer will go through the verification process.  All the results are tracked back to the company’s dashboard.

QR Code

Businesses also have access to a unique QR code that can be used to verify the age and identity. The QR code can be placed on a website or used in an offline setting to verify a customer.  All the results are tracked back to the company’s dashboard.

SMS and Email

Businesses can send users an email or SMS message which contains a link to initiate a verification.  All the results are tracked back to the company’s dashboard.

One and Done!

The great thing about verifying age or identity using Dentity is that users will never have to complete their verification again.  Their verification is held in their Dentity online wallet and can be immediately verified everywhere online by simply verifying their mobile number.
Dentity offers enterprise-grade age and identity verification to all business users at no cost.  Get started today!