What are Verifiable Credentials, and why are they so Powerful?

We use credentials every day in the physical world.  We have a driver’s license that proves we can drive a car, a passport that confirms our identity, a college degree that proves we completed a course of education, and a medical insurance card that proves we have specific health care coverage.


In all these examples, credential have been issued to us from a party we call “Issuers” (e.g., the DMV, the government, a university, or an insurance provider).  These credentials are part of our daily lives and are used to prove identity information to parties we call “Verifiers”” (e.g., the liquor store, employers, the doctor’s office, etc.). 


As more of our lives move online, translating physical credentials into the digital world is essential.  Thankfully, a new standard has been developed called Verifiable Credentials which allow us to translate these physical credentials to the digital world. 


Dentity can help you unlock the superpowers of these credentials:


  • They are secure and are stored using the most advanced form of encryption. Only you hold the key to unlock them.


  • They protect your privacy, which means you can disclose only the information that you want to the verifier.


  • They put you in control of the relationship with verifier — you know what data is shared and can revoke that data sharing relationship at any time.


  • They can be verified anywhere, at any time, even if the issuer does not exist anymore.


  • They are portable and can be easily stored in your Dentity Wallet.


Most importantly, they are owned by you, which means you have total control over them, and they can’t be changed or removed without your permission.