ID Verification

Bad things happen every day on the Internet under the veil of anonymity — everyday someone is getting catfished, scammed, or even worse, on social networks, peer-to-peer marketplaces, or dating apps.  None of these sites require identity verification, and as a result, they can become a haven for bad actors, predators, and criminal activity.

What is identity verification and how can free ID verification help solve this problem?  It’s the process of establishing who you are using a government-issued document and proving “liveness” by taking a selfie to match the document you used for identity verification.  Dentity users can create a free ID verify account to create their digital identity.  It takes less than a minute and can be done by any user with a valid government-issued ID.  Simply click Verify my Identity on our platform to begin the process.

Dentity believes that identity verification increases trust online and makes the Internet a safer place.  When trust matters, anonymity is insufficient — ID verification increases safety and elevates the public good.  It also increases the innovation and collaboration required to fuel the business models of the future. 

Dentity free ID verification is designed to….

  • Verify your personal identity information using a government-issued ID
  • Allow you to securely share your personal information with others that request it
  • Confirm your identity without disclosing important personal information
  • Request others verify their identity or share their personal information


When you click Verify my Identity, Dentity gives you control over your digital identity.  As you engage in interactions with third parties — be they individuals, companies, or “things” — Dentity verifies that your identity credentials came from an issuer that they trust.  Because you control the ID verification, your consent is required to use it, which reduces the unintended sharing of your personal information.  Dentity’s ID verify system forms a “trust triangle” which protects your privacy and allows you to own and control your identity information. 


ID Verification Challenges

Owning your identity — the result of ID verification — is a human right.  Yet many struggle with identity verification: In the United States, 12% of individuals with household income under $25,000 don’t have a government-issued photo ID and, when race and ethnicity is considered, the trend is clear — while only 5% of whites Americans don’t have a recognized ID, that number is 13% for blacks and 12% for Hispanics.

Having recognized identification documents is important for several reasons.  To begin with, federal law requires employers to ID verify new hires to make sure they are eligible to work in the United States.  To prove eligibility for employment, you may be required to show a passport, permanent resident card, driver license, or another form of government-issued ID.  To access government services, from food stamps to voting, ID verification is required, and the same is true of housing and many transportation services.  In particular, the IRS requires certain documents to verify identity, and they don’t offer independent, free ID verification.  Without a recognized ID document and ID verification, it’s difficult for some people to find employment and access needed services.  Verifying your identity may sound like an easy process, but for many there are inherent difficulties and barriers.

For most people, replacing an ID card, including a lost driver’s license or passport is an inconvenience but not a test of high-stakes endurance or resourcefulness.  Consider the following:

  • Many don’t have access to the primary documents required for photo ID, like a state-issued birth certificate, Social Security card, or even an expired driver’s license or non-driver ID. These documents are required for most ID verification processes, and many don’t offer free ID verification.
  • Secondary documents, like high school records or an insurance card, are no longer sufficient proof of identity verification, based on the REAL ID law that was enacted in 2014.
  • Some requirements, like a lease, mortgage, recent utility bill, credit card, or loan statement can be biased towards those with wealth and may further restrict access to government-issued ID documents needed for identity verification.
  • Compounding this issue is the cost of government-issued documents — a U.S. passport cost $165 today and a state ID card or driver’s license can top $50. Free ID verification is not possible with government agencies that require payment for ID verify services.


Know Your Customer (KYC) & the Importance of Client/Customer Verification

Verification of identity is what results from “identity proofing,” the process of verifying a user’s identity — confirming that they are who they say they are.  This may sound like ordinary authentication based on username and password, but identity verification typically comes into play before users get their credentials to even access an application or receive a service.

It’s typically used by businesses to prevent fraud or to increase trust on their platform, businesses which have a KYC (Know Your Customer) requirement, or government entities which require a verified identity to access services.  There are several ways to ID verify, including biometrics and extracting data from a passport, driver’s license, or government ID card.

To date, identity verification has mostly been used by institutions — mainly businesses and governments.  Billions of identities are proofed each month by a broad range of service providers who seek to mitigate online fraud and counter identity theft.  These services are used by the enterprise to gate consumers’ access to their applications — they’re almost entirely business to consumer.

In fact, there isn’t a platform specifically designed for the peer-to-peer market that offers consumers access free ID verification using the same advanced identity verification tools and technology.  Consumers are largely left to their own devices, reliant on the platform they are using to ensure their safety.  

Yet there are powerful reasons why such a platform should exist and how it would benefit consumers.  These include increasing Internet safety for consumers, accelerating the growth of peer-to-peer business models and the sharing economy, and deepening real human connections from knowing the ID verification has taken place and peer interactions can be trusted.  Free ID verification is a basic human right and it’s the sure way to prime the pump and get a virtuous cycle started that increases our safety.


How Dentity Can Help with your Digital Journey


Dentity is designed to solve these issues – building trust online and making the Internet a safer place.  We offer consumers free ID verification — a way to prove their identity and share personal information in a safe and secure way.  We use machine vision and AI technology to power visual ID verification for every identity claim, and we protect consumer information with the same encryption that’s used by the National Security Administration (NSA) to protect top-secret information.

Consumers can use Dentity’s free ID verification service by clicking verify my identity on our platform.  They get ID verify superpowers, including:

  • Verifying their personal identity information using a government-issued ID
  • Securely sharing their personal information with others that request it
  • Identity verification without disclosing important personal information
  • Request others verify their identity or share their personal information
  • Create anonymous and pseudonymous profiles to support your digital personas

You can use your Dentity anywhere online or in your daily life when trust matters, like….

  • Buying or selling something online on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace
  • Using peer-to-peer apps like Tinder, Airbnb, or Etsy
  • Using social media apps like Instagram and Twitter
  • Signing-in to websites or gaining access to venues using your Verified Identity pass in your Apple Wallet


Getting started is easy.  Visit Dentity to create an ID verify account or get invited by a current Dentity user.  We offer free ID verification and there’s never a charge to the consumer.