Identity for All: Digital Identity using Non-Traditional Documents

Free ID Verification, IRS ID Verify, State ID Cards

Owning your identity, both digitally and in the physical world, is a human right.  Yet many struggle with proving their identity: In the United States, 12% of individuals with household income under $25,000 don’t have a government-issued photo ID and, when race and ethnicity is considered, the trend is clear — while only 5% of […]

What the IRS Crisis tells us about the State of Digital Identity

3 things to do with your Dentity

Never let a good crisis go to waste.  Those words resonate in light of the current backlash surrounding and their $86 million government contract with the IRS.  By way of background, the IRS chose as their identity vendor last year, only to find out that the company uses a type of facial recognition […]

Why Dentity, and Why Now?

Free ID Verification

Dentity empowers consumers to build trusted interactions with the people they meet or transact with online. We believe that verified identity can form the basis of a universal trust model and make the Internet a safer place. On our website, located at, consumers can verify their identity at no cost and invite an unlimited […]