How Verifiable Credentials can help Protect Your Privacy Online

We use credentials every day in the physical world.  We have a driver’s license that proves we can drive a car, a passport that confirms our identity, a degree that proves we completed a course of education, and a medical insurance card that proves we have specific health care coverage.  We store these in our […]

Dentity Compliance, Data Security, and Privacy Standards

Data protection, privacy, and security are the foundation of Dentity. Below are some industry standards and benchmarks that we follow in protecting your personal information: Our environment is ISO/IED 27001 certified which means that we continually examine information security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.  We use AES-256 encryption, which is the same cryptography that’s used to protect top secret information […]

Protecting your Personal Information and Online Privacy

Protecting your personal information and online privacy has never been more important.  In light of the daily dose of data breaches that now seem to be commonplace, it’s clear that we’re under assault.  This year alone, the personal data of over 530 million Facebook users was made available in a public database, and data associated […]