API Client Documentation

API Server Documentation can be found here.

Dentity verification popup is provided by a single Javascript file. It will add a popup to the DOM. There are some special configurations provided and some functions are used to listen for events that occur during the popup’s lifecycle.

Step 1

Add a button tag or any other tag used to catch the event that calls the popup verification.

<button class=”verify” id=”selector”>Click to verify</button>

Step 2

Add a script below to load a single Javascript file. Which is provided to add popups to the DOM. The script should be added at the end of the body tag and the bottom of the selector tag declared at Step 1.

<script src=”https://cdn.dentity.com/static/popup/v1/dentity.min.js”></script>

Step 3

Configure Dentity pop-up and handle methods provided by Dentity.

   window.onload = function () {
     let dentity = new Dentity({
       element: '#selector,
       key: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
     dentity.onReady(() => {
       //A function called when the script has loaded and initialized
     dentity.onShow(() => {
       //A function called when the verification popup is displayed
     dentity.onHide(() => {
       //A function called when the verification popup is closed (hidden)
     dentity.onChangeStatus((data) => {
       //A function that is called when the state of verification changes
     dentity.onSubmit((data) => {
       //A function called on pre submit
     dentity.onSubmitted((data, err) => {
       //A function called when submitted

This script needs to be added below the script added in Step 2.

Here are two additional mandatory settings:

Option NameDescription
element (required)A DOMString containing one or more selectors to match. This string must be a valid CSS selector string; if it isn’t, a SyntaxError exception is thrown. See Locating DOM elements using selectors for more about selectors and how to manage them.
Example: #button-selector
key(required)The API key for your domain. You can add a domain on the Dentity business site and get this key.
Example: d04c36169f39412696fbf020d793299f1641790047672

Dentity also provides some functions to listen for events during the pop-up’s lifecycle:

Function NameDescription
onReadyA function that is called when the script has been initialized and is ready to be used. You can use it to check if the Dentity popup is ready before allowing the user to display it.
onShowA function called when the verification popup is displayed.
onHideA function called when the verification popup is closed.
onChangeStatusA function called when verification changes status. There are 3 statuses that can be returned: pending, verified, and failed.
onSubmitA function that is called before sending the data will generate the verification. It will return the data that will be sent.
onSubmitedA function that is called after creating a successful verification. You can call the onChangeStatus function to be able to get the status of that verification after creating it.